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City Tour




Bangkok is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations not only in Asia but around the world. With the city's eclectic mix of culture, lifestyle, fashion, and flavor, people from around the globe flock the city in groups and alone to have a vacation of a lifetime. 

Our city is well known for the striking contrast between our well preserved temples and historical sites to our notorious night parties and modern lifestyle. With this unique characteristic, Bangkok had been the go-to city for foreigners looking to explore a variety of experiences in just one, multi-faceted city.

Bangkok temperature is also mostly ranging from warm to hot most of the year. The dry season which is the best time to come to our city and explore, runs from November to February. March to May is considered the summer season with the heat going up to really break your sweat, but this time is also the period where most festivities in our country occur, the most famous of which is our Songran Festival which is considered Thai New Year characterized by water splashing, believed to bring good fortune for the coming year.

Temple tours and other unique Thai traditions can be appreciated just by staying in and around the outskirts of city. With this, group tours or even personal trips can be arranged in our hotel to allow you to maximize your ultimate Bangkok experince. 

Our tours are strategically designed to allow you to explore the best sites of our city while saving time. We have formulated 2 types of tours for you to choose from: